"Nasty Habit"

Here's one I'm working up for the band for the next album.  Nasty Habits - I've got 'em, you've got 'em, the whole damn nation's got 'em!


"Eye of a Thief" - "Live" in the studio

When I played the demo for this song to the band when we were working out arrangements for the album (me live solo acoustic in the home studio), they said "just put it on there like that, it's perfect!"  I was honored, and so much cheaper - thanks guys! In honor of that "live" in the studio recording here is a new "live" in the studio video recording of it 

Shot by Matt Santos


"I Don't Care What You Say" - Lisa Daly Still Shoot Video:

Never intended to make a video out of these still shots, but something clicked in my head about these photos and that song - so I put 'em together and came up with this instead of one of those lame lyric videos!


"I Want To Run Away" on the AZ Daily Mix television show: 

Here's a clip of me performing live on Sandy Moss' Arizona TV morning show, the Arizona Daily Mix; a shortened solo version of the first song on the new album -  I had to trim down the original arrangement in order to get to the end of the song before the segment time ran out! Boy, no easy task attempting to "rock" first thing in the morning under bright lights! Looks like I started waking up about halfway through!

If you want to see the interview part go here:


Livestream Livingroom Lockdown Concert

Here I perform my recent album solo live.

One from the ancient archives!

30 years later, the reunion...