January/February 2021

Hunkered down & drivin' my way through!  Layin' low and experiencing some lone wilderness trekking and adventure as we ride all of this out.  Stay tuned!

Morning Sea - Coastal Range, North Coast California

Morning Sea - Coastal Range, North Coast California


November/December 2020 

Third and final installment (3 of 3) of my "Topanga Canyon Chronicles" performing Neil from Neil's former TC home. I love this one from his 1978 album "Comes a Time"  - dig it on the 12 string.  For all of us who can, and who can not. For all of us who wish we could but are glad we are not...goin' back...  

 ..and on and on it goes, I wish we had a Jacinda Ardern to lead this country. Been itching to get back into my rock stuff after being solo acoustic for so long; here's one I hope to work up with the band and get on the next album - "Nasty Habit"  I've got 'em, you've got 'em, the whole damn nation's got 'em.


September/October 2020

The big news is I moved back to Los Angeles after 10 years in the mountains of Arizona, I lived in LA for 20 years prior to that so it's good to be back home even in the chaos of the disease and now the tragic fires that are engulfing all the Western states, please pray for rain.  A good friend of mine has been living in what, at one time, was Neil Young's home in Topanga Canyon.  I took the opportunity to make a few videos performing Neil's songs there, a couple which were recorded right there where he made most of his classic and essential album After the Gold Rush ,  it was a gas to do so, even in the apocalyptic, dystopian vibe of the fires, smoke and ghosts in the air.


July/August 2020

Some Neil Young for ya along with Rick Shea, a Cinnamon, Cinema Bar tradition in Culver City, California.

Written by Neil Young

Thank you Bela Ennes for the phone footage!


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