Review by Simon Beards in Maverick -"The leading independent country music magazine" in the UK:

Review by Stephen Rapid of Lonesome Highway: was also sent this by Lonesome Highway, must be an alternate edit of the same review in the above link:Garrick Rawlings Self-Titled PeloponneseThere are two covers on this new album from Rawlings that are compass points to his music. The first is the Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter/John Dawson song, Friend Of The Devil and the second is Townes Van Zandt’s Poncho & Lefty. Between those two songs sits Rawlings own material that range between that easy 60’s feel country rock and some Texas singer/songwriter seriousness. Both versions are credible without replacing or replicating the originals in one's mind.Another point of interest here is that the album is a co-production between Rawlings and the estimable Rick Shea. That seems very much in sync and Shea’s undoubted skills add much to the album. Recorded in Los Angeles that have brought in some seasoned players to help out, thesed included LA stalwarts Skip Edwards and Shawn Nourse,as well as a number of harmony singers including Jami Lyn Shuey as well as a couple of cello players for one track.Rawlings has an earthy warmth to his voice that is entirely suited to these songs. The voice, guitar and accordion version of Poncho & Lefty is stripped back and in keeping with the resigned mood of the song. Likewise, Friend Of The Devil fits right in and also sounds like a honest tribute to the Dead. Rawlings own songs are evocative tales of lost love like I Don’t Care What You Say or of the self descriptive Whiskey, Cryin’, Pain … All are graced with melody and the memorability of a new song that feels like one you are already well acquainted with. The arrangements move from acoustic to electric with ease and express the life that Rawlings has lived and the places and people he has loved.Stephen Rapid

Dutch review by Bas Booy for Real Roots Cafe - translated to English - click link for original Dutch!:

Garrick Rawlings

Singer-songwriter Garrick Rawlings has lived in quite a few states of the USA. In Kansas He was born, then he stayed in Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, South Californiē and currently Arizona. Initially He was a hard-rock electric guitarist, then he embraced the Blues in Chicago, then rock ' n roll in California and then he came by chance in the Folkwereld rightly he was a while road manager and sidekick of Ramblin' Jack Elliott, opened For Dave Alvin and Rick Shea (also the producer of this CD) and became an excellent singer-songwriter. And that can be heard on this beautiful CD.

11 songs and 50 minutes playing time, songs that really matter. The long-haired (grey, though) and with a nice gritty voice blessed Rawlings is a real discovery for me. His Music mixes rock, folk, country and Latin into a beautiful blend. The base tracks are recorded live in a room by the band, which lays a great ground for the beautiful songs of Rawlings. Both fully acoustic settings and pleasant combinations of electric guitar, slide guitar and steel guitar, a beautiful accordion party of Skip Edwards in a wonderful cover of Townes masterpiece ' Poncho and Lefty '. There is a beautiful cello accompaniment in ' Lost in Time '. Most of The accompaniment work is in The hands of Garrick (guitars, mandolin) and Rick Shea (guitars, steel guitar, mandolin), Dave Hall (bass) and Shawn Nourse (drums). A striking song is ' Eye Of A Thief ', where Garrick with only his acoustic guitar sounds like an early Dylan. There was once a Debut CD, ' Million Miles ' (2003) and a live CD (2006), Unknown to me.

A whole gift CD, this Garrick Rawlings. A recommendation for lovers of Very good singer-songwriter work. A topper, this man. (Peloponnese Records)

Bas Booy

"Garrick Rawlings" (Peloponnese Records)

By Kevin Bryan

Kansas-born Garrick Rawlings is a gifted Midwestern balladeer of the old school, weaving his homespun narrative magic with a beguiling charm which has prompted comparisons with such illustrious figures as Woody Guthrie , Guy Clark and the late great Townes Van Zandt. Rootsy Americana has rarely sounded more expressive or immediate, and as an added bonus Rawlings also displays his interpretative skills with captivating covers of the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil" and Van Zandt's much loved "Pancho and Lefty."